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´╗┐Jay Leno bids his After 22 years hosting Tonight Show on NBC, comedian Jay Leno stepped down on Thursday night. Leno said goodbye to his fans in a heartfelt speech, thanking them for their support and the best years of his life. mother, father and brother died during his first three years hosting the show, and pretty much ran out of family, Leno said. the folks here [at NBC] became my family. wished the best for his successor, Night host Jimmy Fallon. know, it kind of fun to be the old guy, sit back here and see where the next generation takes this great institution. Leno ended with a tribute to legendary Show host Johnny Carson. closing, he said, want to quote Johnny Carson, who was the greatest guy to ever do this job. And he said, bid you all a heartfelt goodbye. then handed it over to country singer Garth Brooks, who performed In Low Places. It was found in Australia, preserved in the fossilized remains of freshwater crustaceans known as ostracods. The sperm is actually longer than the male ostracod itself estimated to be 1.3 millimeters long wholesale cheap NFL jerseys but was stored tightly wound up in the male sex organs. "Also preserved are the Zenker organs chitinous muscular pumps used toto cheap authentic nfl jerseys transfer the giant sperm to the female," researchers from University of New South Wales said. Naked mole rat's "naked" sperm The naked mole rat is a creepy, unfortunate looking species. And its sperm is just about as strange as the creature itself. For starters, very few of these sperm can swim, which seems problematic when trying to reach an egg. In tests researchers found that only 7 percent could swim, and only 1 percent could swim fast. The sperm also have an oddly shaped head, and are rather small, according to Life Science. Another issues is that the genetic material being held by the sperm is not concentrated in one area. As if that wasn't enough of a setback, the sperm, like the mole rat, are "naked." Naked mole rat sperm lacks a coating that otherother china cheap jerseys animals have that help it swim through the female reproductive system. Still the naked mole rat still procreates! Sexual reproduction wonders never cease. Female animals with long term sperm storage So in this case it's not actually the sperm that's strange, but rather the interesting way that the females in several species can store sperm for long periods of time. According to National Geographic, female guppies, octopi and others can hoard sperm. In guppies, females outlive males so the ladies store sperm from multiple partners and have a choice of the best genes. The sperm are stored in a special space in the ovaries and are kept alive with smallsmall nfl wholesale cheap jerseys store amounts of sugar until they fertilize the eggs. In octopi, scientists hypothesize that it is a matter of poor timing. Female eggs take longer to mature than sperm, and mating doesn't take place too frequently, according to National Geographic. So when they do mate, the lady stores sperm to make sure that little octopi babies are actuallyproduced.

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